The Unite Community Centre offers educational courses, advice service and community events.


The centre is offering educational courses to the community, including:


Our course teaches basic English to those for whom English is not their first language, and cannot speak, or can only speak very limited English.

Online Basics

For those new to computers, this short course is a very good introduction and covers how to use a keyboard and mouse, how to search and explore the internet, how to keep in touch by email and how to stay safe online.

Keyboard Pro

If you want to type with more than two fingers then this course is for you. You will be taken through the keyboard and improve your typing speed and accuracy.

Introduction to ICT Level 1

This is a fully accredited course; successful students gain a level one award in IT user skills (ITQ). The course covers computer basics, file management, Word, internet and email.

Introduction to ICT level 2

This is a fully accredited course; successful students will gain a level 2 certificate in IT user skills (ITQ). The course covers user security, improving productivity, Excel and PowerPoint.

ICT Level 3

This is a fully accredited course; successful students gain a level 3 in this unit-based course (ITQ). Students can choose which units to study to make up the qualification such as creating a web presence, which includes planning, designing and creating a website using online free templates and hosting.

Activist Skills Toolkit

This course combines some of the key features of using computers in your role as a Unite activist. Learn to research a subject using the internet, draft a report and create a presentation.
We can offer help if you are one of the many unemployed people in the community by providing advice and training to help prepare you for your journey into work. Our courses can help you to create a CV, practice application form filling, create targeted and speculative letters, interview preparation and online job searching. Campaigning and volunteering


Our mission is to unite the community of Tower Hamlets and improve the quality of life for the residents through involvement with the local community.


Our centre is designed to bring the local community together to make a real difference; we give the residents of Tower Hamlets the opportunity to come together and stand up for the issues that affect them and the community. Members of the community can become involved in campaigning around issues that affect their lives, such as housing, public services and benefits. . If there isn’t an action group already existing for a particular issue you want to address, you can even set your own one up with our help.Many of the activities at the centre are organised by volunteers. It is easy to join in and anyone can become a volunteer! We are committed to supporting new ideas that provide learning opportunities which strengthen the community.


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