Unite Community Membership Program

Unite is now offering community membership to members of the local community who are not working. Whether your are unemployed, volunteering, retired, at School/college or university or raising children, there is a home for you in Unite. For just 50 p a week, you will have access to a range of services and benefits designed to improve your life and protect your rights.

With the Community membership program Unite will make your voice be heard and help you to defend yourself: With our education and training offers you become more confident, enhance your knowledge and develop new useful skills.


Community Membership

‘People can achieve so much more when they work together’

Unite Community membership is Unite’s new category of membership available to people who are not in paid work. Whether you are out of work, volunteering, retired or at school/college or university or raising children, for just 50p a week you will have access to a full range of services and benefits designed to improve your life and protect your rights.

Community membership was set up in response to the devastating cuts rolled out by the government. Our aim is to give a voice to communities, so that together we can create a society that places equality, dignity and respect above all else.

Too many people in our society are being pushed to the margins of society and these people deserve to be heard. With Unite Community membership, people that deserve to be heard can have a collective voice which cannot be ignored. Ordinary people are facing an extremely difficult time with income, housing, health, education and public services now under threat. It is only by standing together that we can defend the things that matter to us and improve our lives.

Unite_bedroom tax protest

Our trade unions are the biggest voluntary group in the UK. At 6.5 million strong, we are the Big Society. Unite the Union has 1.5 million members across all sectors of industry – just imagine what you can achieve with us standing by your side.

Community membership also offers concrete benefits to support members, including free legal advice, high street discounts and assistance claiming entitlements.


Get in touch with our community team:

T 0333 240 9798